Property Captive Insurance Group and Group Managers

Captive Support & Services 


At  ISI Risk, we are property and boiler and machinery specialists for property captive insurance groups and group managers.    

We know property captives both on-shore and off-shore.  Customized to individual captive needs and goals, we can provide property risk management and property loss control and prevention systems supported by world-class risk engineering services tailored to achieve  and protect your retention and risk management program goals. 

Partnering with ISI Risk Services provides comprehensive underwriting information as well location loss control and loss prevention benefits customized to your type of industry on multiple levels:  


  • Reducing the frequency and severity of losses, critical to underwriting policyholders with huge, complex and geographically challenging location exposures.  

  • World-class, accurate, HPR-capable risk engineering supports captive profitability, your multinational policyholders, and your treaty and facultative capacity relationships.  

  • We know the property captive business, both on-shore and off-shore.  Our customers include global insurance companies, reinsurance companies, brokers, and industrial corporations with large, complex exposures.  

  • Global engineering and consulting capabilities: United States, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.  

  • Accurate HPR-capable property underwriting data for “all risk” property/machinery and equipment EML’s, PML’s for PD and BI, appropriate risk rating evaluation, limits, and deductible/retention levels.  

  • Reliable identification and quantification of natural disaster and third-party loss exposures by location.  

  • We bring industry expertise, and the ability to identify and quantify "best of class" and "preferred risks" within industry groups to reinsurers.  

  • Results-based global property portfolio management and risk engineering for your key participating locations.  

  • Our results-based loss control and prevention programs and tools not only provide accurate, timely underwriting data for risk assessment and premium allocation by location for the captive and its stop-loss reinsurance, but also provide meaningful needed relationship services at large participating locations.   

  • Independent, customized, flexible and loyal, with committed, professional client-first dedication.  

  • With over two decades of industry experience we create professional, long-term, profitable relationships with your participating locations, brokers, treaty and facultative reinsurers.  

  • Effective loss control and prevention education and training programs are available for your participants, and, if needed, for your captive’s engineers.   

  • Systems that reduce the frequency and severity of losses. 

  • Reliable results are achieved by optimizing the processes that are already being done, without sweeping changes, during the normal course of business. 

Our services and programs provide:  


  • Loss expectances, including Estimated Maximum Losses, Probable and Normal Loss Expectancies for “all risk” fire, machinery breakdown, natural hazards, and third-party.  

  • Promotes and safeguards reinsurance credibility.  

  • World-class, practical HPR risk engineering that parent management, captive management and captive reinsurers will rely on and believe in.  

  • Data to reliably and profitably underwrite property and machinery exposures specifically at each location and help set retentions/stop loss.  

  • Systems and tools to achieve reinsurance underwriters’ requests.  

  • Independent, flexible and loyal, with client-first dedication.  

  • Loss prevention education and training for your captive managers, captive engineers and on-location at key plant locations.