Manufacturing, Commercial and Institutional Businesses

A Business Results-Based Program 


Permanent, predictable results are achieved by integrating and enhancing your existing programs at the operating level to produce strategically valuable information that top-level managers need to make informed business decisions at and about facilities spread around the globe, and, of course, providing the insurance benefits you need. 


Not only does this stabilize and optimize your insurance program for your company, your broker and your insurer(s), you'll gain market capacity, better deductibles/retentions, better terms and conditions and qualify your business as a "preferred risk". It also allows the risk management department to become connected to the corporate goal of profitability.  


And the best part: these benefits are achieved by  enhancing existing programs, without sweeping changes or corporate mandates, regardless of the type of industry.   


Our programs and services will not only help you achieve your insurance department goals, but will help your company achieve its business goal of enhancing stakeholder value.  

ISI Risk has provided services for clients in the following industries:

  • Electric Power Generation   

  • Chemical Manufacturing  

  • Beverage Brewing and Bottling 

  • Food Production and Packaging   

  • Steel and Foundry   

  • Mining   

  • Cement Production 

  • Pulp and Paper Products   

  • Aluminum/Copper Smelting   

  • Glass Manufacturing 

  • Electronics Manufacturing  

  • Automotive Manufacturing   

  • Plastics Manufacturing   

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing   

  • Department Stores   

  • Office Buildings   

  • Hospitals 

  • Universities 

  • Large Scale Distribution and Warehousing 

Efficient Property Risk Management 


ISI Risk provides property assets management and business process-based loss control and prevention systems, consulting, tools and services to companies whose goal is efficient, consistent, measurable property risk management that can be justified to owners, managers and stakeholders (including governance).  


Property assets management and loss prevention are among the most misunderstood, mismanaged, under managed, and costly areas within large businesses around the world. Our goal is to help clients develop a self-sustaining Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program that works uniformly, throughout your business. 

Business Process-Based Performance 


All too often, businesses implement insurance-focused, piecemeal loss prevention programs, resulting in costly misapplication of resources and wasteful, undermanaged business operations.  ISI Risk's customized programs help standardize assets management on location, and focuses the property loss prevention and insurance programs, producing performance and profit-based results for owners, managers, stakeholders and governance.     

What You Can Expect 


Whether you are national or international, a manufacturer, warehousing or distribution business, medical provider, government entity or university, we provide customized systems, tools, and services to assure program success. The strengths of your existing programs will be enhanced to achieve comprehensive, consistent, profit-based assets and risk management results across your business units. Exactly the results that senior managers and risk managers require for making profit-based decisions.  It's comprehensive, seamless, easily step-by-step implementation and it performs dependably year-in and year-out.  


These programs aren't a new way of doing business or prototypes.  They are time-tested and proven over decades of application and global performance within large, global corporations.   


The ISI Risk advantage is unique, in that customers deal with us directly, ensuring program consistency and reliability, insulated from changes to the insurance program or plant-level employee turnover.  

Allow ISI Risk to partner with your business to produce the results your shareholders are looking for.